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  2. Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko? = Why is my Mommy late? - About This Book
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  4. Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko?

Summary A girl refuses to let fear overcome her when her mother is late to pick her up. Instead, her wild imagination leads her to think of whimsical situations like . ISBN: OCLC Number: Language Note : Tagalog and English. Notes: Children's literature. " PBBY-Salanga. Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko (Why Is My Mommy Late?) Paperback – by Kristine Canon (Author), Mariano Ching (Illustrator). out of 5 stars 1 customer .

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Bakit Matagal Ang Sundo Ko Pdf

Edition Notes. Tagalog and English. Children's literature. " PBBY-Salanga writer's prize, grand prize winner [and] PBBY Illustrator's. A girl refuses to let fear overcome her when her mother is late to pick her up. Instead, her wild imagination leads her to think of whimsical situations like riding on. Relates the story of a child who thinks of whimsical situations that explain her mother's tardiness in fetching her from school.

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One of the workshops that he attended became the turn point of his life.

At the art workshop which is headed by Elemer Borogan and Gina Morales, the art style of the paintings has touched him and made him to decide to switch from his fourth year engineering major to painting major in University of the Philippines.

During his years in University of the Philippines, he co-founded the art group Surrounded by Water. There, he found his future wife, Yasmin Sison which is also a member of Surrounded by Water.

In , Mariano won his first major award from the Philippine Board on Books For Young People PBBY , a nonprofit and non-governmental organization committed to the development of children's literature in the Philippines.

His illustration work on a book entitled Mayroon Akong Alagang Puno had won him the grand prize of the event, the Alcala Illustrators' Prize, a cash prize of P25, The Monbusho scholarship is given to foreigners under the Japanese government to study in Japan. He became a grant awardee as a research student in Kyoto University. He majored in printmaking , specializing in Japanese woodblock printmaking. The group was named "Surrounded by Water" after the first gallery that was held in Angono , Rizal.

Its concept is based on Neo-Angono. Each frame must be filled out with different colors. Prepare individual cards for each color.


Use these as call out cards. Distribute 1 color board to each child. Take one call card at a time and show the color card to the children. Odd One Out Objective: to sort objects based on similarities and difference Materials: any available materials, e.

Ask them to draw 1 colored obect on each piece of paper 2.

Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko? = Why is my Mommy late? - About This Book

Ask the children what is the color of the object they drew. Ask them which part of the chart they will paste their drawing. Paste their drawings on the space below that says RED if their drawing is red.

While building structures children are encouraged to talk about attributes of block e. Give each child a piece of shoelace or yarn and a shape card use same shape but of different colors. Let the children lace the card by pushing the string through the hole of the card. Have them identify the color of the card they are lacing.

Have them lace as many cards as they can. Give each group 2 sets of pictures of common objects 2. Give each group 2 sets of color cards. Tell the children to match cards of the same color Color Sorting Game Objective: to sort objects based on color Materials: a set of counters of different colors preferable of the same shape and size ex. Give the children the set of objects and ask them to put together the items that are the same.

Ask the children why they put them together.

Ask them to identify the colors or each group. Ask each child to form a shape using the puzzle pieces.

Let children name the shape after the puzzle has been completed. Arrange the chairs in a circle.

Place the color fish cards inside the circle. Ask children to sit on each chair. Each child takes turns fishing a card. Ask each child to identify the color of the fish card that he gets. After all cards have been caught, ask children to sort the cards that they got.

Flashcards for subtraction 10300 window drill cards

Have them count how many of each color did they get. Mix 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, cup of salt, 2 tablespoon of cream of tartar, and 1 tablespoon of oil in a saucepan and cook until the concoction achieves a smooth texture. Turn out onto wax paper and knead in food coloring. Add oil. Add water until you get a nice consistency for molding. Store in airtight container.

Variations: Give each child a small ball and tell them to make a hole in it with their finger. Squirt a drop of food coloring into the hole and then let the child squeeze it to mix the color. Playdough: I Can Make Red Objects Objective: to develop eye-hand coordination Material: playdough Preparation: Make the playdough color red using food color 1 recipe 3 cups flour is usually good for children.

Distribute a handful of playdough to each child. Encourage the children to manipulate the playdough in whatever way they want. Ask them to look or think of red objects in their environment and make them using the playdough that they have.

Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko?

Label their finished product by putting them on top of a piece of paper with their name and the label. Red Objects Puzzles Objectives: to put together piece puzzles to identify red objects Materials: red objects puzzles Preparation: Cut out pictures of red objects from magazines. Paste them on cardboard pieces. Give 1 red picture puzzle for each child or a pair of children.

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