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For One More Day book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Every family is a ghost story Mitch Albom mesmerized read. For One More Day is a philosophical novel by Mitch Albom. Like his previous works it features mortality as a central theme. The book tells the story of a. Albom has said his relationship with his own mother was largely behind the story of the book, and that several incidents in “For One More Day” are actual events.

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One More Day Book

In this first novel from Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven author Albom, grief-stricken Charles. For One More Day is a fantastic story about a mother and son, and a relationship which lasts a lifetime. Come read this book summary. In the novel "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom, a man gets to spend It has life lessons that make it a good choice for book club discussions.

Email I'm well aware it's that cursed day of pink hearts, chocolate and Hallmark cards today - but as I have a fine-tuned sense of loathing for the commercialised vomit that is Valentine's Day and this has applied whether I'm attached or single , I am deliberately choosing to review a book that's as opposite from download-shite-to-prove-you-love-me day as possible. I used to be a closeted Albom fan. It was a little bit like readers who are Nicholas Sparks fans, most of the ones I know are ever-so-slightly ashamed, muttering all sorts of flimsy excuses about why they like his work. I like Albom because he is actually a decent author. He is good at creating narratives and pulling people into the story.

That may be good or bad, depending on how much you like his previous work. However, it is not something you are likely to remember or reread.

Book review: For One More Day

Share Flipboard Email. Erin Miller is a freelance book critic with a B. Her work has appeared regularly in the Orlando Sentinel. Updated April 21, The lead character, Chick, takes his mother for granted his whole life, then spirals into depression when she dies. Chick tries to commit suicide. Had my daughter done the same to me? There's so much truth in the phrase "Sometimes, kids want you to hurt the way they hurt.

Sticking with your family is what makes it a family. Support creators you love. download a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko-fi. Mar 14, Matt rated it did not like it.

For One More Day, like all of Mitch Albom's books, attempts to be an exercise in feel-good warm fuzzies. This overly-verbose mortality tale, however, is not particularly inspiring, uplifting, or even interesting.

When the main character tries to commit suicide, he gets to spend the titular "one more day" with his deceased mother. During the visit, he reminisces about his life growing up in a broken home, the mistakes he made, and how we would do it differently if he could.

Interspersed are exampl For One More Day, like all of Mitch Albom's books, attempts to be an exercise in feel-good warm fuzzies. The problem with "For One More Day" is that the emotional claptrap and manipulation don't have even a remotely satisfying payoff. There are no lessons learned, no flash of insight. Instead, it seems as if Albom stuck his "Five People you Meet in Heaven" in a blender with "It's a Wonderful Life," drank it down, and then vomited it back up into print. It's boring, uninspiring, frustrating, and vapid.

This morality tale could have been condensed into a Reader's Digest article and contained the same emotional punch. For a set of real-life lessons about the preciousness of life, drop "For One More Day" into the trash can where it belongs and go find a used copy of "Tuesdays with Morrie.

Jun 22, Charlotte May rated it really liked it Shelves: It seems that for me Mitch Albom can do no wrong! This is my fourth novel by him and I thought it was wonderful! Albom seems to have an incredible ability to take ordinary situations and the inevitable pain of life and make them magical.

For One More Day focuses on Charles Chick Bennetto, a middle aged man with a failing marriage, obscene amounts of debt and an inner grief he's never gotten over. He hits rock bottom when he is left uninvited to his only daughters wedding.

We watch as Chick tri It seems that for me Mitch Albom can do no wrong! We watch as Chick tries to take his own life, and in doing so enters a kind of dream state where he is able to spend one more day with his deceased mother. Chick is so relatable. He is all of us at some point - unsure of himself, mediocre, desperate for love. So to watch his pain and go through what he goes through is so hard and really hits home. Mitch Albom has done it once again and I was teary eyed by the end!

May 16, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a beautiful and touching mother and son story that will make you reconsider how you treat your own mother.: Akhirnya setelah sekian lama dalam tumpukan to-read aku sambar juga untuk dibaca dalam perjalanan pulang. Benar apa yang dikatakannya, sepanjang perjalanan di KRL rasanya dadaku sesak dan mata berkaca-kaca. Bagaimana Chick Benetto bertemu lagi dengan ibunya yang m "Baca deh, Squid, bukunya baguss..

Bagaimana Chick Benetto bertemu lagi dengan ibunya yang meninggal 8 tahun yang lalu, dan terlewatkan hari kematiannya. Satu hari saja bersamanya. Tapi tidak keduanya. Bagaimana seorang anak harus memilih untuk ikut mama atau papanya? Bukankah seharusnya yang ia berhak untuk memiliki keduanya sekaligus, dan berbahagia bersamanya?

Tapi kalau memang diharuskan memilih, mungkin aku memang akan pilih mama. Mama sangat mirip dengan karakter Posey di sini. Cantik, ramah, gesit sigap, hangat.

Ada dalam berbagai session saat-saat ketika Ibu membelaku yang benar-benar mengingatkanku pada masa-masa mama yang begitu sayang rela melakukan apa saja untukku, mengantarku kuliah di saat hujan deras, mengajari menyetir, menyiapkan ulang tahunku, bahkan sampai sekarang, selalu datang kalau aku mau menitipkan Bintang, senantiasa berdo'a untuk keberhasilanku.

Di saat-saat aku tidak membela ibu aku teringat pada masa kabur dari rumah untuk naik gunung, tidak terbayang khawatir beliau, penolakanku untuk mengajarinya ber-sms, hingga ia bisa dari belajar dari anak tetangga, hingga telepon2 pagi yang jarang kuangkat dengan alasan ribet mau berangkat ke kantor.

Aku bersyukur mamaku masih ada, sehingga bisa mencoba mengembalikan kasih sayangnya. Aku tahu mama tidak mengharapkan apa-apa dariku, hanya mengharap aku bersikap lebih lembut karena sering aku ketus seperti ayah , lebih meluangkan waktu dengannya walaupun kesibukan kami pun sama-sama padat , banyak cerita soal kesulitan-kesulitan sulit sekali aku untuk bercerita, lebih suka cerita yang baik2 aja.

Aku ingat, seperti chick, yang memilih baseball dengan ayahnya, aku sering lebih memilih mirip ayah, daripada membantu mama di dapur. Aku lebih sering belajar mengutak atik listrik, selalu mengelak dari pekerjaan domestik, dengan alasan belajar matematika. Bermalas2an dengan pelajaran ekonomi yang dikuasai mama, padahal beliau mengajarkan dengan susah payah.

Walau akhirnya mamaku sadar, enak juga punya anak perempuan yang bisa disuruh memanjat dak untuk memeriksa tangki air, atau jd teman ditanyain kalau belanja bahan bangunan, tapi beliau pasti masih punya keinginan bisa berbagi pengalaman memasak, atau membuat kue, menjahit, kreasi manik2, dan lainnya yang sayangnya aku tidak tertarik.

Saat akhirnya diriku menjadi bunda, aku tahu bahwa semua yang mama khawatirkan kepadaku dulu itu benar adanya. Aku menyayangi Bintang, dan mungkin seperti itulah mama menyayangiku sejak kecil. Aku khawatir akan keselamatannya, mungkin itulah yang dirasakan mama ketika aku bepergian jauh. Aku tahu, berkaca pada diriku sendiri, bahwa Bintang kelak mungkin akan bersikap sama denganku, mungkin ia akan berubah di masa remajanya, mungkin ia akan jadi cuek, tapi aku ingin, selamanya ia akan dekat denganku, di hatiku.

Aku harus tahu, bukan hanya Bintang yang harus belajar mandiri, tapi aku juga, sebagai bundanya yang harus tahu bahwa ada saatnya ia akan kulepas kelak. Buku ini mengajarkan banyak, soal hubungan ibu dan anak, soal kesalahan-kaesalahan yang sering dilakukan anak, dan menjadi seorang ibu dengan sejuta kesulitan hidupnya. Menjadi seorang ibu yang kebahagiaannya tak sempurna. Menjadi seorang ibu yang tegar dan selalu siap. Menjadi seorang ibu di mana keberhasilan anak adalah semangatnya untuk hidup.

Mengajarkan suatu cinta yang sejati. Ibu tidak boleh lemah. Kasih ibu sepanjang jalan. I love you forever. Mama and my daughter. Happy Birthday, Ma.

View all 13 comments. Dec 26, Dale Harcombe rated it really liked it. Sometimes as you read a book it makes you think not only about the characters in the story but about your own life.

For One More Day

That was the case with this book by Mitch Albom. A day when you could say all the things you wanted to say and could resolves any past hurts and regrets? Charley Benetto is at rock bottom, having lost all that meant anything in his life. He decides life is not worth living. But then he gets the gift of one Sometimes as you read a book it makes you think not only about the characters in the story but about your own life.

But then he gets the gift of one more day with his mother who has been dead eight years. Yes, you will have to suspend disbelief but it is worth going along with, as this is a book about relationships, and especially those between a parent and child. It is a story about the choices made in a lifetime. Simply yet effectively told, it is sad in many ways and searching in others. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It had me thinking a lot about my own life and how much as children and even as adults we can take parents for granted and unwittingly hurt them.

For One More Day: Mitch Albom: Books

A gentle and thought provoking read. View all 5 comments. Aug 29, Ammara Abid rated it it was amazing. Before saying anything else let me say, this book is for everyone. For every age group. This book literally gave me goosebumps. Heart-breaking but beautiful. Truthful yet emotional. Not any difficult phrase, not any lyrical lines but these simple, honest, amazingly written lines had such a Before saying anything else let me say, this book is for everyone.

Not any difficult phrase, not any lyrical lines but these simple, honest, amazingly written lines had such a profound effect on me, I can't even explain it in words.

Tears stood in my eyes. It was sad, the imbalance of it all. Every time I read Mitch Albom, Every time he made me cry. Ending my review with this heart-breaking excerpt. Your mom. She died. They are different than other words. They are too big to fit in your ears. They belong to some strange, heavy, powerful language that pounds away at the side of you head, a wrecking ball coming at you again and again, until finally, the words crack a hole large enough to fit inside your brain.

And in so doing, they split you apart. Jan 13, Ryan Barton rated it it was ok. Not sure what the big deal is with this guy. This book was I cannot say that I liked it a great deal, nor can I say I detested it.

The author is a good storyteller, has a good command of structure and the craft of writing, and does not strike me as being anything less than the consummate professional. Picasso was rumoured to have the ability to draw a "perfect circle" freehand; the resulting line is not necessarily a great work of art.

I suppose the nature of the material just was not s Eh. I suppose the nature of the material just was not something I could relate well with. I tried mightily, but in the end I felt very detached from the events and the characters. I ended the book with a small sigh of relief, put it up on a shelf, and eagerly picked up a book I had only partially read to see if I could still connect with something more to my liking. Fair warning: Unfair warning: Bagi yang belum membaca buku ini, segeralah membacanya.

Aku tidak akan menjelaskan kenapa, kau harus mencari tahunya sendiri. Buku ini tentang seorang anak laki-laki.

Tentang seorang ibu. Tentang hubungan seorang anak laki-laki dan ibunya. Juga, tentang seorang ayah. Tentang hubungan seorang ayah dengan anak laki-lakinya. Tentang pilihan. Tentang seorang ayah yang meninggalkan keluarganya. Tentang seorang anak laki-laki yang masih dibayangi oleh ayahnya. Dan buku ini adalah tentang keluarga. Tentang kehidupan. Tentang hubungan antara keluarga dan kehidupan, yang mungkin tidak sesuai rencana; tidak sesuai ekspektasi.

Tentang bagaimana mempertahankan keluarga. Tentang penyesalan. Tentang rasa menyerah. Tentang keinginan mengakhiri hidup. Pada akhirnya, buku ini adalah tentang pelajaran. Ulasan picisan: View all 6 comments. I thought it was pretentious, dull and lack narration.

Thank you again! I'm glad that this book was as enjoyable as it was. Even though it's like a Hallmark cut out story I did catch a part of its telemovie on Hallmark a long time ago , but it's pure, simple and raw.

It doesn't attempt to do too much but gives ou Confession: It doesn't attempt to do too much but gives out a lot anyway. Jun 17, J rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Reading the back cover and realizing the backdrop is suicide, I was sorely disappointed by the lack of self-face stabbings. Again, picking up this book, I thought to myself, suicide and Mitch Albom But I was wrong snicker dead wrong.

From the beginning, Albom signifies his attachment to this book.

Book Review: for one more day

He is telling this story from notes and interviews he may have had with the main character. Why is this important? Could the book have been equally effective without him putti Reading the back cover and realizing the backdrop is suicide, I was sorely disappointed by the lack of self-face stabbings.

Could the book have been equally effective without him putting himself in the story? Does it seem a tad forced? Albom takes special care to make the cover story stick. His presence is felt in the narrative with the imprint of attributary notes: The end mentions how the book is a compilation of three years' worth of work, talking with the main character. How does this effect the narrative?

For One More Day". Quinnipiac Chronicle. What makes this book so exceptional is that it shows how deceiving life can be. New York Observer. Mitch Albom: His second novel, a syrupy concoction called For One More Day Hyperion , is going on sale a week earlier—in your local Starbucks. Entertainment Weekly. Lexington Herald-Leader. Lexington, KY. All I can tell you is that every penny you give Albom enriches the forces of lazy, sloppy literature.

Spotlight Bibliography ". Rocky Mountain News. Denver, CO. December 29, Archived from the original on November 6, COM ".

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